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Is there an admission charge to visit the farm?

NO.  Not during apple season. See below in the Strawberry FAQ section strawberry picking policies.  During our apple season you pay only for the fruit that you pick or the attractions that you visit.  Apples are sold by the bag.  Peaches are sold by the box.  Pumpkins are sold by the pound.  Strawberries are sold by the pound and a per-person admission fee is required.

How much does it cost to pick apples?

Half-bushel, approx. 20 lbs., $27

One peck, approx. 10 lbs., $19

How much does it cost to pick pumpkins?

 0.60 cents per pound, from the patch or from the stand adjacent to the apple shop.

How much does it cost to pick peaches?

One half peck, approx. 8 lbs., $22

How much does it cost for the kid’s attractions?

All day “fun pass” includes unlimited admission for one child for the day to the moon bounce, hay maze, hay mountain, pedal tractors, and tractor play area, $5.  There is no charge to visit the farm animals.  There is no charge for parents to enter the play areas with children.

How much do hay rides cost?

Hay rides cost $2 per person, for a 15 minute hay wagon tour of the orchards. 

How much do pony rides cost?

Pony rides cost $5 each. 

Do you accept credit cards?

YES.  Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX.  We now accept credit cards at all point of sale locations on the farm, including the field pick your own sales area!

How do we access the orchard and picking areas after arriving?

On weekends, visit the pick your own greeting area adjacent to the large field where the big yellow sign says “Welcome to Shelburne Farm”.  They will help you to get started, and will provide picking bags as well as directions. All of the orchard is within walking distance and is accessible on foot.  Most of our terrain is level for easy walking and easy access from the parking areas.  

Where can I get your famous cider doughnuts?

Visit the apple shop. MMMMMMMM Doughnuts.

How big is Shelburne Farm?

A little over 50 acres

I’m hosting my child’s birthday party at Shelburne Farm on Saturday or Sunday.  Where should I go upon arrival?

Please check in with the apple shop when you arrive and ask for the shop supervisor.  He or she will process your final payment and get you started with the party package you have reserved. 

I’m attending a birthday party at Shelburne Farm.  Where should I go upon arrival?

Visit the cheerful looking red and white striped party tents adjacent to the large field and parking area.  These tents host birthday parties on weekend mornings.

Can we bring a picnic lunch?

Yes, or if you prefer you can choose from our lunch menu on the farm stand concession.

Do you have picnic tables available?

Yes.  Picnic tables are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  A limited number of tables are available by reservation for a non-refundable hourly rental FEE.  Please call the shop 978-897-9287 to book

I’ve never been on an apple picking adventure.  How does it work at Shelburne Farm?

If you arrive on a weekend, just visit the pick your own greeting area adjacent to the parking lot.  The friendly farmers in there will help you to get started.  All you really need to do is purchase a bag, get directions, and go on your way to begin picking. 

If you visit us on a weekday, just visit the apple shop.  One of the friendly farmers in the shop will help you to get started.

Are reservations required for pick-your-own?

NO.  Reservations are not required for for pick your own apples, peaches, or pumpkins. 

Are reservations required for birthday parties?

Yes, if you want to reserve our tent or take advantage of one of our birthday packages.

Are reservations required for school tours?

Yes, if you want to take advantage of one of our school tour packages.  Please call or email to inquire about availability.

What’s the best apple for … ?

Depends on what’s in season.  Ask in the apple shop or pick your own barn when you pick up your bag.

Do you allow dogs?

Dogs are no longer allowed in the orchard at Shelburne Farm for sanitary reasons.

Do you offer pick-your-own Strawberries?

Yes, we will reopen our Strawberry patches beginning in June and July of 2010.  Check this site for details closer to the date.

Do you offer cut-your-own Christmas Trees?

Not this year, but we plan to offer cut-your-own Christmas trees in 2011.  Check our site closer to Thanksgiving for details.






Do you offer birthday party packages?

YES.  Read all about them HERE, including a schedule of fees and party policies.

Do you charge for adult guests?

NO.  There is no charge for adult party guests.  Adult guests may optionally purchase their own individual picking bags, concession food items, and/or hay ride tickets from the apple shop or apple tent on the day of the party, but they are not required to do so. 

May we bring our own cake or other food to the party?

YES, you may.  We encourage you to consider purchasing food and beverages from our farm stand concession (cider doughnuts, hot and cold cider, gourmet coffee, farm-fresh ice cream, etc.).  But you are not required to do so. You are able to pre-order concession items from the farm stand on the day of booking and include the cost in your pre-paid deposit. 

Are parents of party guests allowed to accompany their children on the hay ride wagon?

 YES, certainly, provided they purchase a hay ride ticket or receive a hay ride ticket from the host’s party package, which includes a total of 12 hay ride tickets.  Additional tickets may be purchased on the day of the party for $2 each.

What is the general procedure on the day of the party?

Check in at the apple shop on the morning of the party.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the party.  The clerk will take an impression of your credit card, obtain your signature, provide you with the party package items, and then direct you to the party tent.   

What is the party schedule?

The only scheduled item is your time slot in the party tent, which is limited to 90 minutes.  If you have booked a 10AM party, you must be out of the tent by 11:30AM sharp.  If you have booked an 11:45AM party, you must be out of the tent by 1:15PM sharp.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Other than that party choreography is completely under your control.  You are able to spend as much or as little time on each activity to suit the interests of your guests.  The “fun pass” received by each paid guest is good for the entire day of your visit to the farm for the moon bounce, hay mountain, hay maze, and pedal tractors. 

How do party guests access the farm’s attractions and entertainment?

Paid birthday party guests are able to use their “fun passes” to access the moon bounce, hay maze, hay mountain, and pedal tractors during normal operating hours on the day of the party.  Similarly paid guests are also able to redeem their hay ride ticket for a single hay ride at any time during normal operating hours on the day of the party.  Guests may visit the “fun pass” attractions as often as they like.  One hay ride ticket is good for a single ride only.  One pony ride ticket is good for a single ride only.  All attractions are shared among all farm guests.  To ensure the safety and comfort of Shelburne Farm guests, during peak hours it may become necessary to wait in a line prior to accessing one or more of the attractions. 

Are my child’s siblings, the siblings of other guests, or the parents of other guests permitted to attend the party?

YES.  You will receive party package items for all paid guests.  The starter (minimum) package includes 1 each of the listed items for 10 guests.  Beyond the 10, any additional unpaid guests may attend the party but will not be able to pick apples, pumpkins, or access any of the farm attractions.  You may purchase additional packages or ala carte items on the day of the party as needed.

Does Shelburne Farm provide party chaperones or a party supervisor?

NO.  The Shelburne Farm birthday party is a “do-it-yourself” party.  We provide the space, the apple trees, the pumpkin patch, and the activity areas.  The rest is up to you.  If you require an assistant on the day of the party please inquire at the time of booking regarding availability and fees. 

How much is the deposit required to book a party?

The minimum deposit for party package #1 is $149.  For package #2 the minimum deposit is $169. 

Is the party deposit refundable?

No.  Party deposits are charged at the time of booking and are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances.  No exceptions.

Can a party be rescheduled?

YES, subject to availability of space and other farm constraints, but we cannot guarantee availability of the party tent on a make-up date.  We will provide picnic tables for rescheduled parties.






How much does it cost to pick my own strawberries from the Shelburne Farm patch?

Prices are subject to change without notice.  For Tuesday June 7, 2011 pricing: $3 per person admission + $4 per pound of picked berries.  Admission fee is non-refundable but is applied towards total purchase. For example three pickers admitted for $9 with purchase of 3 pounds or $12 of berries would have $9 applied towards $12 total purchase at checkout time. You are encouraged to bring your own picking container, however we also offer small quart containers for 0.50 each or large trays for $2 each.  Check in at the small farm stand with the green roof in the big field when you arrive for picking information and directions.

I love fresh strawberries but am in a hurry today.  Do you have fresh-picked berries in the apple shop ready to pick up and take home?

YES!  We pick our own strawberries every morning and make them available for purchase on the stand.

What about the kids’ attractions?

None during Strawberry season.  Come back during Apple Season beginning in August 2011.

Do you accept credit cards?

YES. Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX.

Can I still pick even during rainy weather?

YES.  The only time we close the patch is when thunderstorms are in the area.  Otherwise you may pick under any conditions.

How do we access the strawberry patch after arriving?

Drive down to the big field and visit the small farm stand with the green roof. 

I’ve never picked strawberries before.  How does it work?

Don’t worry, it’s quick, easy, and lots of fun.  Visit the small farm stand in the field when you arrive to get a picking lesson.  The staff will provide you with a picking container, direct you to the patch, and send you on your on your way.  After filling your containers return to the shop to weigh out and pay for your bounty.

Are dogs allowed?

NO.  Due to health and insurance regulations, we cannot allow dogs in the orchard, strawberry patch or apple shop. 

How big is Shelburne Farm?

A little over 50 acres

I love your fall apple picking birthday party packages.  Do you offer summer strawberry picking parties?

NO, we do not offer birthday parties during the summer months.  These are offered only during apple harvest. 

Are reservations required for pick-your-own?

NO.  Reservations are not required. 

We love your pony rides, hay rides, hay maze, birthday parties, and other fall attractions.  Will they be back in the fall?

YES.  Our full list of attractions will return for the fall harvest, including pony rides, hay rides, the hay maze, moon bounce, pedal tractors, and other activities you have visited during past fall harvest seasons.




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